Sales Strategies 

Successful sales strategies rely on the ability to create relations based on trust and credibility.

We tailor our courses and training programs to match your requirements, whether you are an experienced sales negotiator or perhaps lack broader knowledge and experience within the field of sales. All our courses and training programs focus on practical training and exercises with particular emphasis on closing a deal.


Some content of the course:

  • How to enhance the chances of a first contact leading to a meeting, subsequent negotiation and a contract
  • How to build trust and credibility with our customers
  • How to prepare the first contact and meeting with a sales executive
  • How to elecit and handle objections
  • How to convert a sales negotiation into success: sales strategies, the progressive stages in a negotiation and techniques for closing a deal
  • How to consolidate the rhetorical process
  • How to summarise the benefits of the sale and deal with questions
  • Practical applications and exercises