Media training

This course/training programme provides you with basic insights into how journalism work. The acquired knowledge is transformed into practical training were we, together with you, build cases to form the basis for the training sessions. We video-record the training sessions for evaluation and feedback. This course/training programme is always carried out in collaboration with a professional journalist.


Some of the content of this course:

  • What is media´s mission?
  • How media works - circumstances and conditions
  • The main points to consider when you give an interview
  • Preparations: how to gather and structure materials
  • How to reinforce your message and construct a persuasive argument
  • How to structure an answer and communicate your message effectively - the "bridge" and the conclusion
  • How to refute and prevent criticism and other forms of attack
  • "Reframing" - to adjust the perspective and labelling
  • Crisis management - how to identify and maintain a strong position of defence
  • How to put your cards on the table and acknowledge a mistake, without losing credibility