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As a client of ours, you will be in a position to prioritise the elements of your training. This combination will be a decisive factor in determining the duration of  your training. We will also make recommendations in accordance with our assessment of your exising competence level, while taking into account the availability of your collegues and your budget.


How we adapt our courses to Covid -19


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Our training and education concept
  • We integrate and coordinate all our resources
  • We conduct a thorough analysis of our clients’ specific requirements, execute a coherent assessment and design an appropriate training program or a single course
  • We take care of the entire process - from analysis, evaluation, coordination to implementation and follow-up
  • We ensure that the client´s objectives are swiftly and efficently achieved 
  • As a single provider, we save time and money for our clients and enhance the results of projected traning programs 
  • We ensure that our courses and indivual training programs produce lasting results

Sales Strategies

Is your sales team reaching its targets? Are you presenting the case effectively? Are you closing the deal successfully?

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Presentation skills

Are you captivating your audience?

It´s not an easy thing to do - we know. It takes knowledge, experience and technique. We can provide you with all the necessary tools and methods for you to give interesting, engaging and ultimately, captivating presentations.

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Media Training 

Media has its own agenda, estabished rules, views, culture and templates for communicating news and events. You should not agree to give an interview if your aim  is simply to answer the journalists questions. You should instead always have a message, view or an idea that you wish to communicate, making sure that this comes across while answering the questions - otherwise, it´s better to decline.

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New video on passiv voice as a smokescreen!

Our latest video on buzzwords and worn-out phrases!

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International Communication

You may think you manage quite well in your international negotiations, but do you really? Speaking English while thinking Swedish is fraught with danger. Negotiation techniques vary from culture to culture. It´s easy to cause offence quit unwittingly. We help you smooth out the bumps in the communication process. You will be confident and professional in an international environment, enabling you to creat credibility and trust, to close those important international deals for your business.

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New video on Rhetoric and Argumentation!

Rhetorical techniques and methods are integral parts of any communication where you need to deliberate, present support for an idea or give a convincing speech - they are a vital part of any negotiation, sales meeting, presentation or leadership communication.

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Tailored training programs in swedish

Triangulum offers tailored training programs in Swedish as a second language for overseas executives and other professionals working in Sweden.

After prior consultation with you, we review your requirements, approach and desired objectives that are to result from the training. We then design a specially adapted training program around your specific considerations. We provide you with the opportunity to undergo rapid language acquisition, while also focusing upon grammatical accuracy and pronunciation.