"When I got in contact with Mike, I felt out of practice with my conversational English, avoiding situations were I needed to speak English. Mike got me to understand that the biggest obstacle was in fact my own mindset... I can willingly recommend the pedagogical method with which Mike has succeded."


"The main difference between my previous training in English and the coaching provided by Mike is that he adapts the training to my specific needs. The skills and results that I need to achieve are always the focus of the training. In the long term, I´m enhancing my ability to communicate in English. In the short term, I´m receiving support with my daily business activities."


"I build up my vocabulary and ability to conduct rather fluent conversations in both business and personal environments. I can strongly recommend Mike Ward if you´re looking to quickly improve your knowledge of English."


"Promoting diverse issues is part of my work and this involves taking an active role in meetings. Mike and I have been working together with everything from presentation material to practising oral formulations. With Mike´s close involvement and clear understanding of my assignments, he has been able to help me maintain a high level in my English, from the outset... Mike hasn´t just functioned as a regular teacher, but as a combination of coach, mentor, adviser and expert on the English language."


Female lawyer:

"I´m aware of a real change that has taken place and I am enormously relieved not to feel so overpowered at the prospect of holding presentations. Moreover, I have since attended a session at court and presented a case. Afterwards, I actually felt totally satisfied with my performance. I really do want to thank you for this! You have helped me so very much."


"Extremely educational. It is very noticeable that you enjoy your work and that you wish to help others. I praise you for your involvement and commitment. Thanks ever so much!"



External consultants

Triangulum enjoys various collaborations with other professional consultants in business areas associated with the skill sets with wich we work. These individuals can offer specialised training when our clients require assistance with business in a specific field, outside our normal scope of operation.

Tips from mr & Mis understanding

How do you respond correctly to a greeting such as, "How do you do?" What phrase should you use when you begin or sign off an email? Mr & Mis Understanding offers tips and provides quick and easy solutions for those irritating stumbling blocks that can trip you up in your everyday English.

american insights

Dr. Bill Borden, the founder of American Insights, offers academic expertise and business insights about the USA, including business culture, government, politics, the mass media and current social trends.

Dr. Borden taught journalism and political science for many years at universities, high schools and study circles in Sweden and the United States. He is highly regarded among students, teachers and business executives for his broad and in-depth knowledge/understanding of the USA.