triangulum privacy policy


Triangulum HB is fulfilling the requirements of GDPR policy.

Triangulum HB safeguards your personal integrity and adheres to the fundamental regulations regarding legal, correct and open management, purpose limitation, data and storage minimisation, regularity, integrity and confidentiality as required by GDPR. Triangulum HB saves your data in connection with the purchase of services from the company. This is to enable continuous contact with you as a client for the services provided. Your data is saved for as long as you remain on the books of Triangulum HB as a client, business partner or business contact. Triangulum HB undertakes to ensure that your data will not be sold on to other providers.


You may get in touch with Triangulum HB at any time at should you wish your particulars to be removed from the company´s register or if you wish to view the specifics of the company policy on GDPR.


Carola Hedqvist




February 2019