Communication - our field of expertise

There are many things determining the success of a company. one key factor is crucial – the ability to communicate effectively.

We´re experts in communication, whether it´s Rhetoric and Presentation Skills, Business English, Sales or Intercultural Communication.


All three of us have track records with regard to providing assistance to companies working internationally, universities, state agencies, politicians and leaders. We have thus enabled them to enhance their communication skills.


Drawing from our extensive network of contacts, we have recourse to experts within various fields, for example Chinese or American business consultants. We integrate these specialised skills into our courses and training programs, as and when they are required.

Our values:
Language and communication are our fields of expertise. We passionately believe that professional communication skills, whether they are Business English, Sales Communication, Rhetoric or Presentation Skills, are the keys to any sound business. They pave the way for mutual understanding and cooperation and help us avoid misconceptions and even conflicts. We have concluded that there is more that unites us than sets us apart, that insights and intercultural knowledge are necessary tools for profitable international cooperation. We also recognize that there are sometimes obstacles to overcome. We believe we can help you to master these to reach the next level in your communication – that´s why we do what we do.

Carola Hedqvist

Carola Hedqvist is an experienced international sales manager who has resided in various countries, working within the textile, sports apparel and IT industries, as well as in fast food, equipment and communications. She is skilled in the practice of international relations and also multilingual, being especially fluent in English and Spanish. Carola is experienced in globalisation, account and investment management as well as micro-loans, with a particular focus upon advising at board level. 


Tel: 070-663 38 02

Mike Ward

Since 1979, Mike Ward has been providing intensive training in Business English for individuals and groups from Swedish government ministries, politicians and Swedish-based companies within the fields of banking, financial services and insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and food retail. Mike has also worked in business himself, in the insurance and financial services industries.


Mike Ward English Coach was established in 2007. With this business, Mike deploys the experience he has acquired to coach individuals and small groups in the use of English as a language of international communication. He coaches his clients to use English effectively and in a professional manner. This requires the creation of a positive mindset, to engender a comfortable environment for themselves and their foreign counterparts, in order to promote successful cooperation between regional and global cultures.


Mike majored in journalism and international relations at the University of Lincoln. He feels passionately about the need to bring business cultures together in a spirit of free trade, in the midst of the current fractious trend blighting international relations.


Tel: 073-771 81 27

Hans Bourghardt

Hans Bourghardt has been an educator and lecturer for over twenty years. He has a university degree in Literature, Film and Theatre and a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetorical Studies from Södertörn’s University College. Hans provides practically orientated training courses in presentation techniques, rhetorical skills, Corporate Storytelling, dialogue and conflict resolution for use in business, organisations and state authorities, government ministries, the Foreign Office and parliamentary parties. He has taught practical rhetorical theories and narration rhetoric at the University of Lund. He has provided training for presentation skills at the Royal Institute of Technology and the Karolinska Institute.


Hans has developed an educational theory for individuals with stage fright and speech anxiety. In excess of 700 participants have undergone his “Dare to Talk” training since 2009, with exceptional results.


Tel: 070-240 90 98